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BLOG: Ellen on why homophobia sickens her

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We asked 15 year old Skater, Conor to give us his take on a recent communit... Read more about Gadgets and Tech

My main goal in life is to grow my hair down past my bum

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Tribes Live is here to help Media and Creative agencies understand 16-24 year olds

A new and exciting element to the UK Tribes project, we are pleased to introduce Tribes Live; an online research community with around 350 16-24 year olds all split out by their Tribe. We use Tribes Live internally to make sure we are producing content this audience loves, and are now offering out this community to be harnessed by Media and Creative agencies. Predominantly a qualitative research tool we get the Tribes to do 3 research tasks a week, (this can be a question, a poll, ad testing, or picture based task) agencies/brands have been using the community to help inform their media plans, to inform pitches , their creative decisions or just to understand this audience further brand. If Tribes Live sounds like a resource which can help you to understand more about 16-24 year olds, then please get in touch with us to see if we can ask the Tribes some questions from you.

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Are you 16-24 and want to join Channel 4’s Youth research Panel?

You’ll help us understand what it is to be a young person today and help shape what Channel 4. For more information on joining our panel please contact Crowd DNA at