About the…

What does it stand for?

Audio-visual Identities – basically, AV is anything people watch and hear. More commonly referred to as ‘content’. And to create the ‘Identities’ we’re using preference as our core identifier. It’s important to note here – this doesn’t mean it’s the only way they consume media, but rather it’s their default preference when it comes to watching AV.

AV:I…Don’t know what we’re on about?

The world now speaks in video – but there are still a lot of misinformation around what exactly is going on with 16-24s video viewing habits. What they watch, how they watch, who they watch with, what they watch on – you asked us, so we asked them!

We wanted to help brands and agencies get into the nitty gritty of 16-24’s video consumption preferences, and bust some “alternative facts” about youngs whilst we were at it.

Sounds useful! So how did we do it?

To do this we partnered with LRW Tonic, segmentation specialists, to create a quantitative* segmentation to divide 16-24s into 5 naturally occurring segments based on their AV (audio visual) preferences. To make the segmentation even more useful we went a step further and analysed what other life-stage, commercial and lifestyle factors were consistent within each of these new segments.

*Numbers and that. We looked for statistically significant differences between segments so we can honestly say, each segment really is very different from one another.

Methodology (the boring bit, so we’ve kept it short)

Ok, that’s great and everything, but why should you care?

Well, we found out a whole bunch of really useful stuff – not least that 16-24s are not a homogenous bunch when it comes to their media consumption preferences. We’ve said it before, but one size really doesn’t fit all!

What’s more, we’re going one step beyond sharing all of our findings with you, we’ve also coded the segments into our Your4 community so you can put your questions directly to them. Want to speak directly to our binge watch obsessives? Or our live TV fanatics? You can! Just drop us an email.