We asked our tribes to write a love letter to their favourite brand at the moment, or maybe their favourite brand from the past that isn’t quiet the same.

The Tribes wrote as if they were their  boyfriend/girlfriend, saying what they like and dislike about their relationship, if there’s anything missing and what hopes they have for the future.


Apple – Female, 20, Mainstream, Short:Snaps

Dear Apple, We had so many great years together. I spent every last change I had saving up for apps, music and games from my iPhones app store. I begged my family for seven months for an iPhone and 2 years later I was surprised with it for Christmas. You were my life, I loved everything you let me do.

My disability didn’t matter to you as you seemed to be designed just for me. We were perfect together. You helped me with day to day life and I continued throwing my money for the latest upgrade. I even invested in your iPad and laptop range and spent every last bit of money I had getting the best I could. You got me through two years of university.

But lately, I’ve began looking elsewhere. I found myself youtubing android phones and when it finally came to upgrading I went with a samsung. I gave my old phone away like it was nothing. You used to be able to do everything for me but you’ve taken advantage. You upped your prices the more invested I became and now I don’t have time for the inflated prices. My iPhone is now samsung and I’m looking into a surface pro to upgrade to when my iPad dies.

I don’t think we will have a relationship anymore. You are overpriced and underperforming and I’m not going to take it any more. I may have cheated with other brands but you took me for a fool. Goodbye”

Expedia – Female, 20

“Dear Expedia, We have had a great relationship over these years and you have saved me from the monotony of everyday life again and again. Every time I check you out you help me as I suffer from fenwehr and wanderlust. I love how your interface is so easy to use and you give me the cheapest and most honest prices for flights and holidays. It always excites me to explore new destinations with your help and book things easily as you have my frequent flyer and nectar points saved. However your constant communications with me clutters up my inbox and drives me up the wall. And the lack of ease to check cheapest dates of flying makes my life that little bit harder. I hope that we can work through these little hiccups in our beautiful relationship, just give me some space pleaseeeeee.

Instagram – Female, 22, Mainstream, Pop:Social

“Dear Instagram, I just want to let you know how happy you have made me over the past few years… Without you, I would not be the person I am today, so I just want to thank you by writing this letter. This year I have needed you more than ever. You have really been there for me and provided me so much comfort when I went travelling to Thailand and Vietnam and when moving to Barcelona. You have allowed me to stay in contact with my family and friends, and to let them know what I am up to and how I am doing. Whenever I have need you, you have always been just a snap away, so for this, I am truly grateful. I admit that we have had our ups and downs. Due to my busy schedule, I have often neglected you and not given you the attention that you truly deserve. Thus, for this, I want to say how sorry I am and thank you for not giving up on me. It can often be difficult to find the time to keep in touch, but I promise that I will make more of an effort. However, I want to let you know that you are always in the back of my mind, and that I am always thinking about you. I will always be interested in what you have to say and the new things that you are up to. It makes me so happy that our relationship has lasted this long, and is as strong as ever. I hope that in the future, our relationship will continue to be this robust and I am looking forward to the adventures to come. All my love”

Samsung – Male, 24, Aspirant, Solo:Selective

“Dear Samsung (my girlfriend) When I open my eyes at 6 in the morning, I am very excited to see you again, your shape is so nice and you’ve got a wonderful body, as always. I like to have my hands on you. What a premium design you have and nice to be in touch with you every day. Sometimes I admit that you make me angry, because of the updates you don’t have with me (Software Updates) and sometimes you don’t even last a day (battery) but that’s OK, because in the end I do love you… I remember the day I meet you on Amazon and well, it has been a good time since that day. I guess the only thing you don’t have is a forum or an idea box to have better products in the future for us. I hope that you get that forum for me and peers, because we have a lot of ideas to have for you! I really know that you’ll become better as the years come!

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