We looked into the clothes shopping habits of the of the Female Tribes both online and offline. We also gathered what clothes retailers they used in addition to their motivations as to why Tribes use them (and why they don’t use others).

Many of them expressed their online experiences and thoughts on fashion today.

There is also insight that highlights their thoughts and opinions on Girl Power.



Aspirants will spend big to get the look and lifestyles they want.

However, they are the consumers of cool, not the creators. They filter ideas down to the Mainstream, are the popular kids at school and are early adopters of new trends and key brands. Aspirants are often at the older end of the teens, having developed the knowledge, connection and money to the lifestyle they want.

They are ruled by:

ASOSat the moment Id say this is my third favourite app on my phone – as its the first place I go if I need an item of clothing or accessories quickly. As I have my sixth form leavers do and a holiday coming up for my exams – it is also the place in which I am scrolling through looking for ideas and inspiration of the kind of style I want to go for.
-Hannah, 17, Aspirant

Fashion & Trends


We asked the Tribes how important keeping up to fashion was to them and also what trends were they currently following.

Its not really important to me to keep up to date with fashion – because I dress how I want to dress and not how people want me to dress. I know bomber jackets – turtle neck crop tops – and open shoulder tops are back in the trend and I do wear these type of clothes. So I would sport these trends.”
-Megan, Female 17, Aspirant

Ive never really been one of those people to keep up with actual fashion trends – if I like something I will buy it – no matter where its from… If you follow fashion constantly youll just end up looking like everyone else – where is your flair – your own style – that is what is pretty cool.”
Alana, Female, 18, Leading Edge

“I would say that I am a follower of fashion and I like to wear the latest trends – but I go for what I like and what I feel attractive and comfortable in – rather than just whats in. I always wear what I personally want to wear – without caring about what others might think.
– Rebecca, Female, 19, Aspirant

“I like to know trends and what is going on – but I dont usually then wear the trends. I will look for trends that I specifically like and I think are worth investing in – then maybe join in later if I want to.”
– Nicole, 23, Female, Mainstream

“I love fashion. Its something Im really passionate about as a means of self-expression – but also creative output. Nonetheless – I wont just buy clothes because theyre in fashion at the moment – my purchases are always thought through and aimed at being versatile for different outfits and trends.”
– Sophia, Female, 20, Leading Edge

Being you is fashionable enough – you dont need to follow a trend in order to be stylish or cool. Whatever you feel comfortable in is far more important.
-Dee, 19, Leading Edge

Favourite Brands & Retailers


Tribes told us what brands they shop from and also which ones they avoid, and why.

Style is very important to me – but not really fashion so much… if I need something like shoes or a coat Ill most likely go to Urban Outfitters – Zara – Topshop or HM. I tend to avoid Next (its just that slight bit out of touch) – Allsaints (overpriced) and online stores like Boohoo (just seems a bit tacky).
-Isobel, Female, 21, Leading Edge

I usually buy clothes from HM – Oasis and House of Fraser. I probably wouldnt buy from somewhere like Urban Outfitters because I think their clothes are overpriced for what they are.
Hannah, Female, 24, Mainstream

My favourite brands are Topshop – Zara – Mango and HM. I tend not to shop at the likes of Primark – River Island – New Look because I feel they are unoriginal and make copies of the clothes and trends that my favourite shops make.
Rebeca, Female, 19, Aspirant

ASOS has become the one stop shop for everyone in the house… They send through awesome brand inspiration via email – codes galore and a pretty tidy
-Chinedu, Female, 23, Urban

I love New Look – HM and ASOS – tend to avoid TopShop as I think it is horrendously overpriced!
-Victoria, 22, Female Mainstream

I buy the majority of my clothes from Topshop – Urban Outfitters – HM and Primark.
-Kate, Female, 18, Aspirant

New Look: “Nice and Affordable”


Across our tasks revolving around fashion, the younger female Tribes mentioned New Look more than any other fashion retailer. A majority of them said that they offered clothes that look good on them, has good quality and all at an affordable price.

“My favourite retailer right now is New Look as their clothes are really nice but very affordable. I must own nice clothes.”
– Lizzy, Female, 16, Alternative

“I love new look – there cheap and I love all of theyre clothes!”
– Annie, Female, 17, Urban

“New Look has is great value for money and has lovely clothes which really suit my style.”
– Jemma, Female, 21, Mainstream

“New Look are definitely my favourite retailer – I love the fact that they sell nice clothes that are affordable (and when you go into their shop you dont feel like youre in some sort of asylum like in Primark)! Their online shop is really good too – they have a really good click and collect system.”
– Lauren, Female, 17, Alternative

My favourite retailer is New Look too – they have such beautiful clothes at an affordable price – and its good quality! Their sales are amazing too – so helpful when youre a student!
Emily, 18, Alternative

Chloe’s Shopping List (22-Year-Old Aspirant)



I mainly do online shopping but sometimes I’ll go out with my friends and go clothes shopping in stores.
-Megan, Female, 17, Aspirant

I find store shopping stressful – theres often too many people and trying clothes in the changing room is disheartening. The good thing about trying clothes at home is you can style it how you want to see if it works for you.
-Toyosi, Female, 23, Urban

I wont shop online for clothes just in case they dont fit properly or dont look how i expected them to!
-Cathy, Female, 21, Alternative

ASOSat the moment Id say this is my third favourite app on my phone – as its the first place I go if I need an item of clothing or accessories quickly. As I have my sixth form leavers do and a holiday coming up for my exams – it is also the place in which I am scrolling through looking for ideas and inspiration of the kind of style I want to go for.
-Hannah, Female, 17,

I like to shop online so I can compare prices
-Nicole, Female, 23, Mainstream

I can spend hours on end searching online for clothes and I do shop online quite frequently. Whether it be on ASOS – Boohoo or on DepopIve found some lovely and cheap things in the past that havent been available to me on the high street.
-Chloe, Female, 18, Aspirant

Immore of an online shopper – but I still love the thrill of going to the shops on a Saturday afternoon!
– Rachel, Female, 23,

I often browse and make purchases of clothes online – but I always prefer in store shopping and this will never change.
– Rebecca, Female, 19, Aspirant

ASOSis always my first point of call because you can browse a whole range of brands and styles and refine your searches in multiple ways that makes shopping so much easier. You can also get discounts for brands like River Island if you buy an item from ASOS… I prefer online shopping purely for convenience but am weary of ordering from stores other than ASOS due to returns processes. When you try on an item of clothing in the comfort of your own home you can try it on with other clothes which is always worth doing to ensure you can make an outfit. With quick delivery and free returns – you cant go far wrong with ASOS.
Amy, Female, 20, Mainstream

Girl Power: The Letter


Dear Always – For many years you have being campaigning to empower young girls and women through #LikeAGirl and I do appreciate your efforts. Like a girl has been used commonly as an insult – more often than not in sport – which is currently what you are trying to eradicate – twisting the comment to instead be a compliment. Unfortunately – when I now see the advertisement of a female goalkeeper saying that – just because she is a woman you think she will crack under pressure – or conquer the field? – I dont feel inspired or encouraged (I play football myself) at all. Instead I feel almost ashamed/embarrassed and a little irritated – why is it only a female-hygiene-products-company is trying to tackle stereotypes and equality treatment? I half think that you are doing the campaign because your audience is just females (understandably) – making your efforts seem vain and selfish – to help your company flourish. I believe that I feel this way because you always show females who are already accomplished – which is hard to connect to if you are just an average girl. Moreover each girl shown in other videos are strong and independent – which on one hand is good to be inspiring – but on the other hand seems a little unrealistic if you are mentioning that a girls confidence drops during puberty as well as other shocking facts and figures. Moreover – you fail to understand that whilst girls are insulted for being like a girl – boys are also called this too and if this is an equality campaign – then surely both sexes should be targeted – not just females. Maybe for your next campaign you should include both a range of males and females trying various of activities – where they dont have to excel in all of them – but have fun. That is the most important message you can put across as not everyone can be good at everything – so young girls of course dont have confidence when their body are changing – because they may not have something that they are amazing at to focus on. Furthermore by showing both sexes – you are no longer encouraging the separation of the sexes – but the bonding as everyone goes through a lack of self-belief during puberty. Then maybe the advertisements on TV wont seem so cheap and will instead encourage young people everywhere to go and try – no matter who it is with or their ability.
– Fiona, Female, 16, Urban



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