We looked into the clothes shopping habits of the of the Male Tribes both online and offline. We also gathered what clothes retailers they used in addition to their motivations as to why Tribes use them (and why they don’t use others).

Many of them expressed their motivations behind buying certain brands and types of clothing.

There is also insight that highlights their thoughts and opinions on media advertising towards them.



Aspirants will spend big to get the look and lifestyles they want.

However, they are the consumers of cool, not the creators. They filter ideas down to the Mainstream, are the popular kids at school and are early adopters of new trends and key brands. Aspirants are often at the older end of the teens, having developed the knowledge, connection and money to the lifestyle they want.

They are ruled by:

I get Diesel – Jack Wills (cos of the initials – lol) Superdry and other exotic brands the mother finds for me – and they are usually spot on!!
-Jack W, 19, Alternative

Fashion & Trends


We asked the Tribes how important keeping up to fashion was to them and also what trends were they currently following.

It doesnt really bother me to keep up to date with fashion because at the end of the day it doesnt really matter what you where – as long as you feel comfortable in it. Generally I just wear jeans and a polo but when its warm I whip out the shorts. I dont really avoid any shop or brand because if I like something I will probably buy it.
– Thomas, Male, 17, Aspirant

My pops used to say style – not fashion. Style is universally practical and nice-looking. The brand I wear most at the moment is Nike because I go to the gym a lot – and we live near a Nike factory shop. Super cheap!… If the clothes look good and are a reasonable price then Im there. I avoid really expensive and snobby brands… like Ralph Lauren. Too expensive and Id be super disappointed if I ruined it.
-Josh, Male, 24, Leading Edge

 If i feel good to me i look good. I wear plain skinny jeans and a T-Shirt with light weight jacket or if its sunny shorts and a labelled t-shirt.
-Craig, Male, 21, Aspirant

Trends pass – fashion last. Theres always going to be trends every season. But what I go for is staples. Now summer is coming the warmer weather means a change of style. Best to keep it simple – comfortable and easy – something might look great but if it doesnt suit the weather or environment then itll just look odd. In terms of money keep it in range high street brands are the way to go… Dont dress like everyone else head to toe in what can be seen on display.
-Karl, Male, 21, Mainstream

Favourite Brands & Retailers


Tribes told what brands they shop from and also which ones they avoid, and why.

Id say most of my stuff is from topman/next/online… they offer me items that I like – and are in fashion and current trends.
– Danny, Male, 16, Mainstream

I like that in Flagship Topman shops they do personal shopper things that you can book. Id like to see that happen elsewhere – I think its a really cool idea – and shouldnt be limited to the big cities.
William, Male, 20, Leading Edge

buy most of my stuff from River Island – its the only place on the high street I can find clothes I actually like – I used to shop at Topman quite a bit – but then they either got a lot worse or I got some taste! Otherwise theres not much available on the high street for me that offers youthful – reasonably priced clothes that arent obsessed with jumping on the latest (often ridiculous trend) about 6 months after its over.
-Joshua, Male, 21 , Alternative

 Saltrock do good quality clothing for reasonable prices. So I buy from there.
-Tom, Male, 18, Mainstream

 Lacoste. – theyre flagship store – in fact all theyre stores are chic – superbly designed – contemporary and stylish.
– Karl, Male, 20, Aspirant

 I love Urban Outfitters. They offer some designs from independent retailers with Forever 21 return policy and great prices.
-David, Male, 18, Leading Edge



The favourite brands for the boys are the brands that provide simple, casual/everyday style and good quality at a reasonable price. The youngest Tribes are the least into fashion – with some still getting clothes from parents. However, there are plenty who are interested in fashion and brands.

For those looking for something more on trend, ASOS was popular for its wide range and convenience, followed by Zara for being on point with fashion. followed by River Island – often also shopping at H&M and Topman.

The more fashion conscious still avoid high prices that are not considered good value for money. While some avoid the very low prices and ‘messy’ shopping experience (such as Primark).

ASOS  is great for finding on trend pieces – Next for work clothes – you can get some really nice shirts there
-Male, 22, Aspirant

I think Zara really captures the perfect balance between classic style and current fashion – they just nail it a lot of the time. With their basics and their more statement pieces.
-Male, 21, Aspirant

 I like that Superdry and Hollister are a bit more upmarket – and their t-shirts/jogging bottoms/hoodies are so comfy
-Male, 16, Aspirant

Online Shoppers

Generally Im an online shopper but not for clothes you need to see them in the flesh – especially the sizes and colours – as they tend not to be too accurate online
-Josh, Male, 24, Leading Edge

I shop both Online/offline as i just go for value over convenience.
-Craig, Male, 21, Aspirant

If I’m shopping online Ill stick to shops that I know but if I’m walking around the high street Ill just walk around everywhere.

-Male, 20, Leading Edge

Im a let the parents do it shopper; And they shop online.
-Jack, Male, 19, Alternative

I never buy clothes online – just because I dont really know my exact sizes well enough to trust myself to buy the right thing. Plus I enjoy the experience of laidback Saturday shopping. Going to a couple of stores with friends – getting lunch etc. Shoes – however – Ill buy online forever.
-David, Male, 18, Mainstream

Monthly I spend most my money on/Last thing I spent £20 or more 



My boyfriend buys clothes from Topman for when we go on dates. He gets his night out outfits from Topman. It’s easy to get, smart and ideally priced, long lasting and stylish. He says Topman style is the thing that makes it the best place to go
-Rachel, 23, Mainstream



The second most popular app among the Tribes is Instagram. In contrast to Snapchat, the images posted to Instagram are embedded with a much greater sense of permanence, leading to a more considered attitude towards the platform’s use.

The platform allows Tribes to become curators and create personal scrapbooks that showcase their lives in an aesthetically pleasing way for both personal and peer/global enjoyment.

Their Instagram feeds offer visual insights into the lives of both friends and celebrities in an easily digestible way, becoming a must for keeping up to date with what’s going on in their worlds. While the discovery page offers infinite sources of inspiration. Consequently, Instagram is a go-to for when they are looking for a distraction or to fill time, either at home or out and about.



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