Youth Exploration – getting to know the Tribes


A typical week for the Tribes involves a careful balance of working, socialising and chilling

Work time – The general structure of their week is determined by their lifestage and work/study, whether that’s at college, university or in a full or part time job.

Me time – Despite being more ’connected’ than any other generation, Tribes aren’t looking to spend their whole time in the presence of others (physically or virtually) They reserve time for themselves, to escape and unwind, whether that’s in front of Netflix, video gaming, reading or heading to the gym.

Social time – Shared experiences are a core feature of Tribes’ week. Many regularly attend societies and clubs which allow them to enjoy their hobbies with close friends, from badminton to orchestras. Frequent catch ups with mates at the pub, gigs or just round each other’s houses also ensure they stay connected

I like screen-printing. I also play guitar and write/publish my own music” – Female, 17, Alternative, Short:Snaps

Tribes spare time is also treated as a space for personal expression and expansion

Creative – Many enjoy spending free time channeling their imagination and finding inspiration, through writing, drawing, blogging and baking

Physical – Wellbeing and fitness are a lifestyle for many, who structure their time around gym-visits and reading up on new ideas and trends

Mindful – Tribes want to find their voice and make a difference, and achieve this through campaigning and volunteering


It’s within these spaces and interests that Tribes tend to discover their niche, finding unique ways to enjoy and advance themselves

“I think archery is fairly niche, especially since there aren’t that many places that provide it“– Female, 21, Leading Edge, Short:Snaps

Tribes think it’s niche to continue enjoying the things they did when they were younger

As they look to develop and become more independent, it’s common for Tribes to ’grow out’ of certain interests, and see them as immature as a result

However, some Tribes choose to keep in touch with their younger selves by continuing to enjoy activities that many of their peers have left behind:

““I also like to do volunteer work, to help the community. I am always looking to help people, and animals in a situation of abandonment” – Female, 22

As well as carving out their own niche, Tribes like to feel part of something bigger

Tribes feel they have a right and an obligation to be part of the dialogue around the issues of today

They are dedicating more and more of their time and attention to equality and political/social campaigning, and using social media to tap into and feel a part of these movements

Involvement can take various other forms, including signing petitions, talking to people in their day to day life, and attending rallies and marches


Many female Tribes members are uniting behind movements to increase gender equality, such as #metoo and #thisgirlcan

“People my age are really interested in their rights and the movements and scenes that come with that” – Female, 24

“People are turning protesting into a hobby” – Male, 20

“I think loads of movements like #metoo, #blacklivesmatter and LGBTQ movements are getting very popular nowadays. I think our generation love to make sure everything is equal” – Female, 18

For those who are not politically motivated, lifestyle movements offer another form of community

Veganism is becoming increasingly established amongst Tribes, but this is just one expression of a wider interest in both eco-friendliness and wellbeing

This trend offers Tribes members not only a route to improving their health, but also to supporting and contributing towards a movement and a feeling that they are working with others to do what they can to make change happen

“I’ve gone Vegan for about 6 months, it’s better for both myself and the environment” – Male, 23

Tribes TV obsessions





Reality shows provide drama, social currency and human insight

Tribes have grown up enjoying a range of reality shows, and highly enjoy the human drama and twists they involve

They particularly enjoy shows that reflect the everyday struggles and pressures they face in their lives, and top of that list recently is The Circle, an engaging and talked-about new format

The show is proving particularly popular amongst female Tribes members, who strongly relate to the pressures of portraying themselves a certain way online


“The Circle has been very addictive. I enjoy the social experiment side of it and how interesting the relationship dynamics are in there and hearing what they are all thinking and yet often portraying something else on ‘the circle’” – Female, 17, Mainstream, Solo:Selectives

Tribes love to absorb themselves in a tense new drama

Tense and gripping dramas captivate Tribes, with the most addictive often binge-watched

Recent BBC production Killing Eve and Channel 4’s Humans have proved engrossing hits, with the former especially popular thanks to its original, quirky tone and strong character development

“Just finished the Killing Eve box set. My housemates watched that too. Really tense and engrossing” – Male, 19

“Killing Eve was insane, a psychological thriller with tons of black comedy was an absolute hit, such a clever series I whipped through it” – Female, 19

Sometimes Tribes want to settle down with something comforting

TV time is relaxation time, and Tribes love various shows that are cosy, warm and light-hearted

Comedies such as Travel Man and Friday Night Dinner remain popular, whilst The Great British Bake Off is seen as the ultimate feel-good show, perfect for switching off in front of. Netflix original The Good Place is also garnering attention, thanks to being both ‘effortlessly funny’ and having a philosophical edge

“The Good Place – oh wow, what a show, it’s got everything! Twists, comedy, great characters. I was drawn in by the amazing cast and it’s so good, I keep recommending it to everyone” – Male, 19

“Because who isn’t obsessed with Bake Off at the minute? It’s just fab and comforting and homely” Female, 19, Mainstream, Pop:Socials

Thirsty business – there are 4 distinct drivers towards drinks brands for Tribes

Iconic tastes – the likes of Coke, Pepsi, Sprite and Lucozade are favourites to many thanks to their classic, distinct flavours

Local favourites -Tribes with strong roots and pride in where they live are drawn to local brands, such as Yorkshire Tea and Barr

Relatable values – Brands like Innocent, Savse and Alpro share values with Tribes by being all-natural and eco-friendly

Game changers – Tribes like to see brands creating innovative experiences – whether that’s through new flavours (Volvic), new occasions (San Pellegrino), or advertising (Oasis)

“Savse. I like the brand as it feels simple and honest and natural, laying out what is in it and no extra nasties”

“Pepsi. Tastes better than any alternatives, and although I sometimes buy own brand cola, nothing comes close”

“San Pellegrino, they were massive in making more ‘grown up’ drinks and their sodas are lovely”

Oasis are currently making a splash with Tribes thanks to their unique, off-kilter advertising

Oasis have caught Tribes’ attention this year, by first spoofing typical advertising tropes and more recently parodying other brands’ desire to align with social movements for financial gain (which Tribes see as inauthentic)

Watch the vid here: 

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