Working hard or hardly working?




We spoke to our online community of 16-24s about their career search experiences and interest in particular industries.

We asked where is their go-to for finding out about jobs e.g. social media, websites, career events, and why? Do they like to research jobs in person or online? How do they feel about events held by employers?

What are the jobs or industries that they want to learn more about and why they are interesting to them.

My go to for founding out about jobs is probably google. I would search for the job I was looking for – then a load of job hunting sites would appear – and I’d go through them.
-Jawsh, 22

The Job Hunt


The majority of Tribes are currently job hunting or have done previously – however, those who are pre-University age or currently in early years of University only go as far as window shopping for extra pocket money jobs rather than careers.  Tribes are often subscribed to job search sites but ignore emails until they are actively searching.

That said – some more determined Tribes as young as 16 are already actively searching for jobs online and have an idea of future career objectives. This is a trend we have been seeing a lot – ‘Generation Consequence’. They are acutely aware of the future and the challenges they may face.

I would like to learn more about the finance and banking sector. I think it is particularly interesting because money and finance is essential to everything really – and I’d like the have a better understanding of the different jobs available – because this is ultimately the sector I’d like to go into.
-Emma, 16

When it come to looking for jobs I tend to stick to online websites i do a lot of looking around to find a job that I am interested in.
-IanB, 18

I think job websites are a good starting place when looking for a job. I think events held by employers give applicants a great opportunity to meet the people you may be working with and offer a chance to make a good impression on future employers.
Hannah, 22

Three types of Tribes

The part-timers

These tend to be at the younger end of the Tribes bracket. They are either pre-university age or at university and trying to earn some money on the side.

Most of the Tribes who fit this category are in part time work or seeking it through online ports and looking in shop windows.


The uninterested

These guys don’t need a job, so aren’t interested in securing one. Either they are young and have money provided by parents, or too time poor with academia (A Levels or Uni) to think about taking on a part time job.


The career starters

These Tribes are mostly graduates and are either in their first job or are looking for their first ‘career’ type job.

Those who didn’t continue into academia are also seeking a career job. They may be younger and going for apprenticeships or other roles.

Where to look…


Online is the first stop for job hunting:

They send alerts every week with jobs set within parameters you set so its great as you don’t have to spend ages searching constantly.
-Lucy, 17

I often find jobs on specific websites and portals. I actively seek out specific roles at specific brands/groups.
-David, 18

Job Fairs


Job fairs are used less but overall Tribes have a positive response:

However, Tribes are time poor so events are attended less regularly with some never attending. Some Tribes also find the face to face interaction daunting and pressured.

I like events – I think they’re a good way to really tap into what employers want.
-Vick, 19

I’ve attended events held by employers – and taken some as well as part of my placement at Nestle and they’re really interesting and give you a real opportunity to interact with the employer!
-RachelV, 21

I prefer to research jobs online in my own time. I find events held by employers to be a little stressful as it feels like an interview.
-Chloe, 22

I think events held by employers are a great way to show possible candidates what they have to offer them – rather than what employees can offer the company.
-Tom, 18

I think career events held by employers are good but slightly superficial. I think time will be better spent getting some experience in the field you want rather than doodling about.
-Samara, 23

Social media


Social media also came up, they felt it was a good tool for job awareness, as well as for finding other tips in a more casual tone. However, for most, it isn’t an active tool for job searching.

I also browse Twitter occasionally as there are some really exciting and unexpected opportunities which sometimes pop up.
-Jemma, 21

I think there are lots of postings on social media about jobs – from sales assistant roles to traineeships – internships and apprenticeships – whether these jobs come from sponsors – friends – advertisements or the company itself
-Samara, 23

I’m currently a jobless student – but Id say I look for jobs mostly in shop windows. When it comes to graduating Ill definitely look online more on websites and even at career events.
-Rhiannon, 19

Interesting Industries


There is a range of industries the Tribes are interested in learning more about – over a range of ages. The most popular choice tends to be around creative or entertainment industries such as media, broadcasting or music. These appeal as they relate to personal interests of the Tribes.

Careers around conservation and environmentalism were also mentioned – as they have a high awareness of environmental issues and concerns for the future.

Tribes have varying interests when it comes to careers and other mentions include nursing, finance (practical business skills) STEM (broad range of interesting career opportunities but currently low awareness) and beauty – a wide and varying range.

Id like to learn more about the music industry and whether its worth getting into with the increase of illegal downloading nowadays. Music is so important to me – I can really lose myself in it and there’s not really anything I love talking about more than live performances.
-Rhiannon, 19

I love the focus on STEM subjects – and I think more needs to be done to show what a broad range of careers that you can do under the umbrella term of STEM!  They are great career opportunities – and are industries that are going from strength to strength.
-Rachel, 21

Yes, I want to learn more about conservation/ environmental work. I am very passionate about protecting earths ecosystems and therefore want to work in this sector.
-Chloe, 22


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