In light of the summer season, we spoke to our online community of 1000+ 16-24 year olds and asked them about what they are getting up to this summer.

Tribes let us in on their precious summer moments and activities. They also got creative and made memes for us illustrating their summer experience.


What’s in the diary for summer?

For the majority of Tribes, summer is the perfect time for a getaway. Many go on holiday with their family, friends or significant other to countries overseas while some remain local exploring theme parks and festivals during the warmer season. Other youths are working during most if not all of the summer at their existing part times jobs or a temporary summer job either saving up to later go on holiday or for extra money at university.

During the summer I work on an ice cream van – travelling to different shows and festivals across the country. I am really looking forward to working V Festival this year as the lineup looks great and hopefully I will have a great view of the main stage from my van. I dont get to see my work friends outside of the season due to uni and other stuff so I cannot wait to be reunited with them for some more adventures!
-Naomi, 20

I have booked my first girls holiday to Zante!!! we are going two days after my last exam so I fly straight away and I could not be more excited! Feel so independent going on holiday with my friends – also this is my first holiday in 6 years!!!!!

I am going to Wales with the family and im going to Centre Parks with some of my college mates in summer holiday!… Im most looking forward to relaxing and having zero college work to do.
-Megan, 16

in the summer im going back to work in the US at summer camp. I went last year and its the best thing I ever did.
-Tanya, 24

Im going to Amsterdam soon – any recommendations?
-Michael, 20

Yay summer! So ill be going on holiday with my fiance – possibly to Turkey for a bit of fun in the sun and relaxation.
-Tally, 22

I just took 4 days off work to fly out to Spain tomorrow – coming up with the money for it and planning such a spontaneous holiday like this was pretty hard – but I did it and I cant wait to go!
Wahid, 18

Fun in the sun

The summer is an opportunity to try new things, explore and gain new experiences.

As well as going to festivals and on holidays with friends and family, summer is also a busy time for some Tribes as they prepare before a new start once the summer holiday is over ie. a new academic year or work place.

Im moving to Scotland in September to do a masters degree – so basically my whole summer is building up funds for that. Ive applied for a bunch of different jobs at different places so its basically just working and planning for the next few months!
-Sharna, 22

Ive recently had a promotion so this summer I have added stress and responsibilities – and hours! At least I have lots of social things planned too to keep me sane.
Semaicy, 22

I am also doing a lot of bar work and hoping to do a few courses in cocktail-making and the like so that when I eventually do go travelling I have enough skills (teaching English and making drinks) to keep going for a long time. I will also be looking for interning opportunities – but it all depends really on whether I get accepted and can get the time off work!
Coreen, 18

Sundown Moments

Summer sundown moments for Tribes are all about feel care-free, worry-free, away from the stress of the day and focusing on relaxing. These times often revolve around close friends and family.

For some of the Tribes, sundown moments involve drinking cider with company. Cider is considered a social and casual drink- chosen primarily for taste and refreshment over getting drunk.

My favourite sundown moments are usually with my family – sat outside having a few drinks and playing a game of cards.
-Meg, 18

My favourite sundown moments this year have been chilling by my mates down by the river late into the evening just chilling after college and reflecting on the week at college which was normally busy and long its was just nice to sit down relax and unwind in the sunshine just chilling with mates.
-IanB, 18

My favourite sundown moments of this summer have been on primrose hill – after having a picnic with my friends and then heading over to the pub to meet with more people! Being a bit tipsy while the sun is still out is always a laugh and puts everyone in a good mood.
Sofia, 19

Festival season

When it comes to festivals, Tribes are idealists and find themselves conflicted when it comes to deciding on the ones they want to go to and managing their budgets.

Furthest I went was Reading! Haha! I would love to go to coachella or SXSW in Texas. Maximum I would spend..maybe £1000. For the experience.
-Muinat, 17

It often ends up being a toss up between keeping it cheap and local and seeking out new exciting experiences.

Most Tribes prefer to stay within the UK or so far have only stayed local – Festivals abroad tending to be more of a pipe dream than anything actionable.

So far it was quite local – only a couple of hours away – I dont think theres a maximum distance – is just the expense that stops me going far – again I think if I had the disposable money Ive never heard of a festival I thought was unreasonably priced – I just cant afford most of them!
-Elena, 21

The furthest Ive travelled is Stratford which isn’t very far – id probably spend 100 on tickets – but most of the festivals I go to are free.
-Tom, 18

However, they will consider going abroad where there are specific events, interests or motives prompting them. Many of them mentioned that they do, or would, combine the festival into a bigger holiday.

I went to the Czech Republic for Hip Hop Kemp. I would be willing to travel as far as it takes if I really wanted to go…There is not really a maximum I would spend as I would most likely combine a festival abroad with a holiday so I would stay for a couple weeks or so to make visiting extra worth it.
-Joseph, 22

The biggest draws for these are the cultural experience, good weather and novel artists.

Tribes seem to assume that festivals abroad are more expensive as they’d need to get flights and accommodation.

However, the few who have travelled further for festivals have found that they can go to European festivals especially on a fairly reasonable budget.

I reckon festivals abroad are like the older siblings on UK ones; bigger – cooler and with way more friends. The only reason I wouldn’t go abroad is cause of how expensive it is.
-Matthew, 16

Summer Jobs

The way Tribes look for summer jobs seems to be dependent on where they live.

I’ve looked very locally seeing as I live in a small village with a terrible bus service. I did get an interview in my local town in a department store but it turned out that it was just so they could ring me if they had any jobs going.
-Rhiannon, 20

Tribes that are able to travel by either public transport or a car have a bigger group of jobs to choose from.

They seem to look online for websites like and are willing to travel reasonable distances if a job offers enough money or/and experience.

Ability to travel further enables them to have higher demands for the jobs they seek and consequently, big city Tribes are more selective in choosing what job to take than their small town counterparts.

Well I’m a little older to be just looking for a summer job so I look for permanent part time jobs I can work round my beauty course until I’ve finished it. I look for jobs that give the prospect of full time so look for jobs that I can use my skills in too. I get motivated by payday each month which means that I can treat myself. I found my last job via Indeed which is a great site because you enter your CV.
-Eme, 21

Around Feb/ March is time to look. uni. My summer job this year was quite exciting. I did a research project @ uni. Which is useful for future plans etc. – flexible hours – good pay and interesting. I think something interesting that wont get too tedious. I hated retail.
-Kathryn, 19

Excited about summer jobs?

Tribes generally don’t think summer jobs are very exciting. However some aspects that go hand in hand with summer jobs do excite them or least incentivise them, such as (in order):

  1. Earning enough money to do more exciting things when Uni or School starts again
  2. Gaining experience that they could use in their careers
  3. 3. Meeting new people and working with friends or a fun crew
  4. Flexibility, this grants them free time to hang out during their summer holidays

“The money is always a huge incentive. I need money to buy a lot of things i.e. gadgets! Money is the main factor – experience is good too and helpful for the CV!
-Danny, 16

They also look for jobs that steer away from the mundane such as:

These jobs are good because they are flexible. I think of summer jobs as being fun and different. They should make you excited to go to work and make the summer seem fun even though you’re working. I think bar jobs at festivals are great examples because you meet lots of great people – get to hear the music and get paid for being at a festival.
-Zoe, 19

I have to say that a company being flexible is a good thing that they are able to work around you and also going out of your comfort zone a little bit and trying something you haven’t tried before that is a good thing I think.”
-Ian, 18

Summer job motivations

A majority of Tribes are motivated by money.

Many of the Tribes are not yet at the ‘career’ stage of life so money can often be tight. They are concerned about current and future living expenses as well as money for socialising.

Summer jobs as are a necessity for sustaining their lifestyles,  creating a  “have to” mentality rather than a ‘want to.’

The money is most important as it needs to be enough to pay rent – bills food etc as well as save some on the side – everyone needs a vacation from work! Next I think of what will add to my CV. I try not to get the same job over and over and want to have a job that’s going to demonstrate my skills differently to those where I have already worked. If i can learn something new from the job or be challenged by it that’s an added bonus!
-Chloe, 22

However, this is not mutually exclusive, while most Tribes definitely go for the money, gaining the right experience is also really important to Tribes who are thinking about their future careers and well aware how valuable experience is in today’s job market.

I’m kind of lucky in this way! I’m on placement with Nestle at the minute and it was due to finish in June – however I was offered the opportunity to extend my placement until Mid-Sept and I did! I thought the experience would really benefit me and I have learnt so much!
-Rachel, 22

A job that offers both money and experience would be their ideal situation.

I’m lucky to have had a summer job doing research in creative industry, something I’m a specialist in which is great. Money is a motivation but this job also gave me great experience in my field.
-Sam, 24

Especially jobs that provide experience:


You know it’s British Summer when…

  1. Rumours going round at school that if it is over a certain temperature the school have to send everyone home
  2. Being laughed at by people who live in hot countries for melting and going into a national panic if it goes over 25 degrees
  3. Laughing at everyones pathetic excuses of a tan
  4. Planning a beach trip on the one hot day of the year – for another day which turns out not to even be hot anymore
  5. British barbeques
  6. Complaining about the lack of air conditioning in every building
  7. Not sleeping because no one is used to it being hot
  8. Getting the paddling pool out – only to find that the next day it is back to being rainy and having to put it away in shame
  9. Arguments over whether it is acceptable or not to kill wasps
  10.  Wondering if last years supply of ice lollies is still lingering in the bottom of the freezer somewhere.

 – Nuala, 17, Male

Planning a holiday abroad to escape the bad British weather only to end up being away for the only British heatwave of the year.
-Nicole, 23

All sorts of body parts are on display – mostly looking pink and crispy. Feet are also on display – hairy toes and all. Barbies.
-Jack, 19

 Skimpy clothing – bright colours – social media pictures – bright colours – days out and relaxing.
-Craig, 21

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