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Over the Easter weekend Channel 4 released a new ‘We need your buttocks’ #StayAtHome promo…

We asked the 4Youth community for their views on the bold creative – and it was a hit! The promotion was targeted at hard-to-reach audiences in particular, including men aged 18-24. It reached 34.4 million people, and achieved a further 102,000 views across YouTube, Twitter and Instagram by the end of April.

44% of men aged 16-24 recalled the promo, stronger than the all-adult average!

We asked you for your thoughts on our creative

I like it, feels very on brand for C4 and provides a good message without being shrouded in self-service or doom and gloom (as bad as the situation is). 

This is a funny ad and imaginative, I think it’s completely different from others i’ve seen. – F, 22

It is crazy, unique, and original. I have never watched an AD like this on tv. It made me feel like I need to stay at home. – M, 21

The cheekiness was a hit

Our community members appreciated the positive take on a serious issue.


Loved this advert very humorous which is what we need at this time a good laugh. It is much better than other adverts which are informative but in a boring disengaging way however this advert really caught my attention and made me listen. 3 words Funny Direct RelatableF, 19

Like: this ad is hilarious. Dislike: nothing! For me, as it’s not down and depressing, it’s very different to all the other adverts and would be the most effective – Hilarious – Honest – Butts – F, 17

I liked the humour of it, I think it works quite well. Its uplifting. I prefer this to other adverts at the minute purely for that reason. Funny. BUTTS. Amazing. F, 19

I like this ad very much because it is very funny, original and unique, this announcement goes directly to the point of staying at home, don’t screw around, put your ARSE on the sofa and take care of yourself and take care of others, STAY AT HOME – M, 21

It’s very unique , very funny and quite true at this time. –  M, 23



They thought that the ad was bold, creative, and didn’t take itself too seriously.

I liked that the advert was funny, rather than trying to go down the overly emotional route, yet still managed to get an important message across clearly and memorably. It wasn’t a cringy attempt at humour; it felt self aware. It was also very on-brand for Channel 4.

I love the way the message is presented, because it is not the typical advert you find out there. This is one is hilarious, in spite of the fact that it has to do with a very important and delicate situation; but also, this makes it a much better and reachable advert. The words I would use are: bold, silly and unique.

Definitely eye catching! Appropriate to Channel 4 – fits the kind of thing they show. Keeps your attention more than other stay home messages. Risque, eye-catching, funny.

Like that it shows the simplicity of what we have to do (essentially just sit at home) and good to have humour at the moment. Potentially draws attention away for the importance of the message though. A different approach to other staying at home adverts but fits with the Channel 4 brand. 3 words: Funny, Simple, Random. – F, 21