So What Are Young People Up To These Days?!



It’s probably the question that we get asked the most- ‘We want to know what young people are getting up to’.

Well, we put together this report to answer that question, letting you know what they do, where they do it and also why they do what they do!



There was a positive response from Tribes, with a majority attending a number of events of some form.

The biggest draw of events is the opportunity to learn, discover and socialise. The Tribes’ interests are also varied – with most of them mentioning at least two types of events they enjoyed attending. While those with niche interests tended to only have one.

The top types of events mentioned include music, food, comedy and theatre.  Other minority mentions include Comic-Con, fashion and motor events. However, the main reason Tribes miss events is due to money and location/travel restrictions.

“I would love to go to a food festival – comedy show or a concert but unfortunately they are usually too expensive/ too far away for me to go to them.”
-Lucy, 17, Aspirant

Music Events


Live music events are the most popular with Tribes from festivals, concerts – to open mics across all ages and genres.

Tribe’s love seeing both their favourite artists and discovering new artists.

The atmosphere brought on by seeing an artist live is the biggest draw.

“I love anything and everything to do with live music.”
-Emma, 20, Alternative

“Id say I mostly go to music events as I love them so much! Festivals – gigs – open mic night – etc. I generally love live music as it creates a great atmosphere for everyone there and varies in intimacy depending on the environment”
-Rhiannon, 19

Festivals make up the big summers events – it’s about the whole experience, creating memories and seizing the moment of the summer.

Tribes also look for a relaxed atmosphere where they can meet new people, see their favourite acts/discover new ones and try the foods on offer.

Tribes have attended a mix of festivals – from big names such as Glastonbury and Radio One’s Big Weekend to less well-known festivals such as Leamington Peace Fest.

“My boyfriend loves music so this summer we are going to Glastonbury and Reading which he is planning meticulously!”
-Domi, 21, Alternative

Gigs are also popular with Tribes, these low- key events allow them to enjoy intimate settings for relatively cheap prices.

Tribes favour going to these events to discover new artists and meet new people.

“I like live gigs and bars with music – I also like spending time finding out about these places!
-Caitlin, 23, Aspirant

“Id take you to a regular orchestra rehearsal (usually in a church!) to show you what us classical music folks are all about! I would also like to take you to a 40s swing dance class at the Bournemouth pavilion – which I do every week! :D”
-Laura, 23, Aspirant

Food and Drink Festivals


Food and drink festivals are growing in popularity with Tribes.

They have become an alternative to music – often those who like/attend music events also like food events.

Discovering new foods and drinks are a draw as well as something sociable to do with friends and people with similar interests.

Freebies are also a big attraction for the Tribes. They will usually take the opportunity to get anything on a budget.

Any chance of free food is the greatest reason to go to a food festival…”
-Tally, 21, Alternative

Comedy & Arts


Tribes also like comedy – from those more irregular one-off treats seeing a TV favourite to those more invested – regular open mics and keen Edinburgh fridge festivalgoers.

“I also like going to see comedians I know from TV from time to time – I saw Tim Vine at Easter and he was hilarious! Comedy always brightens up my week.”
-Rhiannon, 19, Alternative

Theatre was also mentioned by many young people for its good atmosphere and friendly community environment, especially among those that have an interest in the arts or a personal interest in the creative space.

Art exhibitions were also particularly popular with Alternative and Leading Edge segments – looking to see something new and a little different, away from the mainstream.

“I love theatre and live art events. I find that it is an incredible diverse and open platform for discussing things that wouldn’t usually be explored in mainstream entertainment.”
-Bethan, 24, Leading Edge

“You’ll find me at either The National Theatre/ Young Vic/VA/National Portrait Gallery. Ive got a NT entry pass so get £5 tickets and go there a lot – the Young Vic always has an interesting show on and both of the last two will always have an good exhibition free or discounted with my student card/art pass so cheap and cheerful days out all around!”
-Sofia, 21, Leading Edge

Hanging Out With Friends


Most of our young people appreciate the time they get to spend with their friends especially during holidays away from school or university where they are able to catch up over a couple drinks, a night out or watch a movie with a pizza.

“Visiting my friends in Oxford to go to a festival there for one weekend seems like itll be good fun! (Especially as hes paying) Im also going on my first holiday with my friends from uni.
-Michael, 20 Leading Edge

Free time for the Tribes is all about making the most of the moment to have as much fun as possible with those closest to them, as the people they spend it with are just as important (if not more) than the place they go to.

“The place I spend most of my free time is The Hawley Arms in Camden – haha… Its such a good atmosphere there and its where most of my friends hang out. I can pop in pretty much any time on any day and someone I know will be there which is nice when youre bored or feel like hanging out with  someone.”
-Sofia, 21, Leading Edge

I must say though – some of the most fun and hilarious times have been with friends in a crappy room with maybe a pizza and laptop with a movie where we catch up and giggle and drink before making a heavy night of it. Its one of my favourite things about seeing friends – that few hours where youre getting ready to go out and youre not rushed to get anywhere because youve got all night to hang out.”
– Sephra, 24, Leading Edge

Work, Work, Work & More Work


Outside of education, part-time jobs take up most of the time that many of our Tribes have.

With the aim of making as much money as possible to fund as many experiences as possible, or save money for the upcoming academic year.

“This summer my plans were to just work hella hard and play hella hard so I.e pick up as many shifts as possible… I work for a hospitality agency I will try and get work at one of these summer festivals like creamfields or Leeds festival or something – even tho il be sweating while stinking of onions and flipping burgers I can say I been there done that and camp out with my work pals while getting paid – in my mind it feels like a free ticket but in reality it probably wont be so glamorous Im still looking forward to it tho
-Coreen, 18, Mainstream

In order to find a balance young seek out jobs that also offer up an experience such as working at festivals, at summer camps or as an au pair abroad. While others take the opportunity to pursue low paid creative projects and artistic works that may help build better career opportunities in the creative space and enjoy the chance to express themselves freely and meet a diverse set of people.

Im not the greatest of dancers – but the group is so diverse with a huge range of abilities – genders – ages and ethnicities I feel free to be myself. We are currently rehearsing to perform in the PRIDE parade in Birmingham I cant wait!”
-Naomi, 20, Leading Edge

“Nothing planned travel-wise – but Im in a couple of films which will be filming in the next month or so! Apart from that its just business as usual with work and theatre stuff – including running lights on a show over the next couple of weeks :)”
-Becca, 19, Leading Edge

Imspending most of my summer in Germany working as an Au pair but I have two weeks in the middle where Im hoping to do some more travelling around Germany maybe with a friend who might come out and visit me and then maybe go stay with another friend mine in Poland for a couple of days.”
-Izzy, 20, Mainstream



Tribes enjoy getting away from stressful times. After working at their jobs during peak seasons like summer and Christmas, as well as exam periods prior to college or university- free time presents itself with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the freedom of having fewer responsibilities and plenty of time.

“My job can be quite stressful at times – so being able to relax and play music or escape to another world and write feels good.”
-Jordan, 18, Mainstream

Local Gems


Others make the most of their local surroundings finding enjoyment in settings that are personal to them. Often being places that they share with others be it pubs, parks, beaches or youth clubs.

Young people also have their regulars where they find there is always something going on such as local exhibitions, conventions, galleries and music libraries.

“At the moment I enjoy very much taking my dogs out for walks round the local reservoir or field which they can run about and swim – often producing lots of laughs because of their quirks and personalities.”
-Hannah, 18, Aspirant

“The third place for me is the local snooker hall. Its a great place to play a game and chat at the same time. I do not drink alcohol – so it is a great alternative to the pub!”
-Josh, 24, Leading Edge

“My favourite place is probably my local pub – the seven stars. We go most Fridays and theres a different live band every week (normally middle aged men playing rock covers) but its such a good night always. The alcohol is cheap – its local and you always see someone you know there.”
-Kate,  23, Mainstream

Need Some Me Time


Some Tribes also value the time they get to themselves often using the time for their own personal development and recharge in their own space. Using the break to learn new skills, go to the gym or just catch up on shows they have missed and want to binge on with very few interruptions.

“Well Im at uni – my favourite place is definitely my room – peace and quiet and my own space.”
-Saidah, 23, Leading Edge

“Alright! At the moment I like to spend most of my spare time at home. I am learning some things online through sites like and Both very good learning sources for various things. Boring – maybe – but I am looking at the long term. Web design and Japanese are two things I am studying online. Otherwise – I like to go and exercise at the gym.”
-Josh, 24, Leading Edge



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