Monetisation of Social Media

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We talked to our 4Youth community members aged 16-24 about their perceptions of monetising social media platforms, with a focus on preference for advertisements vs paying for ad-free content, their views on social media subscriptions and thoughts on the conversations around Musk’s plans to monetise Twitter.

82% of 4Youth prefer ads on social media to paying for ad-free content – they view ads on social media as a form of monetisation that allows both platforms and creators to survive. The existence of ads also enables social media to remain free and therefore, accessible to all.

“It is nice to have spaces where everyone can access entertainment equally” F, 20

When it comes to paying for access to social media, 88% feel that subscription-based content causes exclusivity and prevents genuine social networking.

“It’s exploiting what already and initially was a free platform, for people to enjoy, for a capitalist society” M, 19

Musk’s purchasing of Twitter and introduction of Twitter Blue clearly mirrors 4Youth sentiment towards paying for social media as a whole; it is met with disdain amongst most, 60% of whom think it as a bad idea.

“I feel he is a very money and business orientated person, which I don’t think is a good mindset and goal for a platform that is built around opinion sharing and discussion” F, 19