This summary report on food addresses the evolving eating habits, healthy eating’s level of importance with young people, the food to eat when socialising and how Tribes relate to food brands they love.

Changing Eating Habits


As Tribes have matured with their growing independence and control over what they eat most of them have chosen healthier options. Many of those that have gone to university and began cooking for themselves preferring home cooked meals as much as possible. They have also become more aware of salt, calories and saturated fat intake although having so much free time, access to takeaways and regular nights outs out offers a gateway into less healthy options.

I think my eating habits have changed over the years – as when I want a snack I now choose to eat fruit instead of chocolate or biscuits.
– Megan, 17

How important is healthy food


I dont think I focus too much on eating healthy foods but more on foods that are good for me personally.
– Alice 21

Tribes agree that healthy eating is important to them, however not at the cost of food that they really enjoy. Many of them find pleasure and satisfaction in eating healthily although they still indulge in some of their favourite snacks while using exercise and other activities to compensate for it.

I now cook. Before – it used to be take aways and pizza – now its fresh ingredients – gourmet and homemade food. Ive realised although it takes more time – its cheaper – and I know whats going into my food which means no MSGs – additives or any other unhealthy gunk!
-Wahid, 18

Eating healthy is important to me but I also dont beat myself up for not always being super healthy.
-Grace, 20

Eating healthy foods isnt all that important to me actually. I would say that by default the main meals i eat are quite healthy because they obviously are heavy with vegetables but i snack on really unhealthy foods and sometimes fruit so Im certainly not a very healthy person. Sometimes I wish I ate healthier but i just love food and I do try and keep physically fit by doing zumba and yoga.
– Harriet, 17

 “When I was younger I just ate total shit 24/7 and never understood when adults would say Enjoy it whilst it lasts because you soon wont be able to eat like that all the time.. and I would always just give them a look as if to say what the hell are you talking about – my body is just naturally like this? ..OH.. how wrong was I!?”
-Becky, 24



Among the Tribes the most popular food mentioned especially when eating with others was pizza.

They also mentioned it was the most convenient food to eat socially and that there are always offers and deals available.

Offers are good if they make something affordable
-Laura, 23

In addition to the offers, pizza also allows you to eat easily and quickly making it simpler to share both food and experiences.

Pizza is good no matter the occasion
-Meg, 20

Usually the food choice is pizza because its easily shared among friends.
-Tom, 20

Tasty Love Letters


Dear McDonalds – Why must you be so very crap yet delicious? The weirdly formed nuggets that taste like nectar of the Gods. The
flaccid – over salted chips that taste like Jesus cooked it himself. Why so horrible yet so nice? Sure its cost effective and a quick and hassle free meal – but the despair and self loathing after going to one – is it worth it? McDonalds – I love you – I really do – but how much longer can I really take this?
-Ellen, 17

Dear succulent Subway – Oh how i love the way you fill the sub with my favourite topping with a healthy dose of love. I love the way you ask me what bread i want when i tell you to hit me up with my regular meatball marinara. Although the love is real – i do have some issues. Whyyyy you sometimes make my meatball sub overflow like a river of tomato sauce that drips onto my brand new shirt? Why has your franchise not blessed Crystal palace with a store? Although you have a few flaws – i still love you. Never ever go away and ill always be your faithful customer. I wont cheat on you McDonalds.
-Rosie, 18

Dear Hotel Chocolat Thank you for being there when times get rough (as well as when theyre not so rough). I cant express the bliss at opening a present to find your deluxe truffles winking their chocolatey magic at me. Do you drain my bank account? Yes. Do I love you anyway? Of course. May you continue making luxury goodies for the rest of time (although feel free to knock the prices somewhat – Im a student – not Bill Gates).
-Sophia, 20

 “Believe me – the food tastes much better when you’ve cooked it yourself putting in time – love and effort.”
-WAHID, 18

Final Words


In conclusion:

As Tribes gain independence they also gain more freedom with what they can and want to eat as they move out of the house. With this freedom, they take on healthier food options however they hold on to most of their favourite snacks to have on occasion.

Food also offers the opportunity to unite young people and socialise in addition to building strong relationships between brands and young people.

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