Brands & Celebs… they’re everywhere and whether we like it or not they play a big role in our day-to-day lives. So we asked our Tribes to think about the brands and celebrities that play a part in their life before telling us…

What is your favourite brand and why?

What role does it play in your life?

How would you feel without it?



Technology brands like Apple, Jawbone, and Xbox dominate Tribes’ favourite brands. Tech has become such a vital part of Tribes’ lives that many of them imply they would feel lost without these brands. Tech brands are now incorporated into their lifestyles – enhancing their day-to-day activities and increase their feelings of control by for example monitoring their health.

Consequently, Tribes expect longevity and quality when it comes to tech products and are prepared to spend a little more.

Now I’d say I’m really into Jawbone who make wearable tech and speakers etc. I think the wearable tech that they make is the best looking on the market right now – and super helpful if you’re trying to stay fit. I wear my Jawbone UP3 everyday – it monitors how many steps I take and my resting heart rate and sleep etc. It helps me keep fit and I really enjoy the control it gives me.
Bethan, 24, Leading Edge

My Favourite brand is probably Apple – and I don’t want to be a complete Apple fan girl here! I do have an iPhone 6 and an iPad – and I absolutely adore how reliable the brand is!
Rachel, 22, Mainstream

My favourite brand is Apple by far and away. It plays a HUGE role in my life. My iPhone and my Mac are my daily drivers and I use them for absolutely everything especially my phone. Without it I would feel lost – hopeless – begging for answers.
Danny, 16, Mainstream 



When it comes to fashion brands, Jack Wills and Roxy are among Tribes’ favourites. Many of the Tribes are not necessarily trying to follow the latest trends and fashion, which is not surprising as a majority of them fit within the Mainstream segment.


 I’m not a follower so I don’t where brands because they are fashionable – I buy them and wear / use them because I love them – I by them for me and no one else! I would probably be a little lost without it because where would I shop!
Jessica, 16

 My favourite brand is Roxy as they make great clothes and products. I love what they represent. I see Roxy as a lifestyle. I would feel I would have to choose another – lower quality brand without it.
Zoe, 19, Urban

Other clothing brands like Nike, Superdry, Next, and Salt Rock are favourites; valued for their great quality and a wide range of products. Tribes like the variety and practicality; allowing them to select items that fit in with their lifestyles. What’s more, Tribes feel the clothes look good and trust the quality. While Tribes could live without these brands, they have become a wardrobe staple and Tribes would struggle to find replacements for them.

 My favourite brand is Nike – on the weekends I live in the gym and the majority of my gym gear is from Nike! I find that Nike products always deliver the quality you expect and the items always look great as well
Hannah, 22, Mainstream

Beauty & The Day to Day


When Tribes get older they get more confident in their own body and know which beauty products fit their physique. This is why beauty products get more and more important the older Tribes get.

I’d say Soap and Glory. Their products are amazing and I like the way they communicate as a brand. I’d feel sad without it – as Id end up with flaky skin
Victoria, 22, Urban

One of my favourite brands right now is MAC. I’m just loving experimenting with all the different lipstick colours. Now that I’m older I feel more confident in that I KNOW my face and body and what suits it and what doesn’t and I can take risks because I have nothing to lose you know.
Becky, 23, Urban

 My favourite brand is salt rock – simple yet fashionable clothing which is also very practical – I wear salt rock pretty much everyday because everything there is so goo value.
Tom, 18, Mainstream

 My Favourite Brand is Superdry – Simple fashion and ones that look good and a lovely range of different colours. I tend to spend a lot of money when I go to shop with them. They play a role that I cant live without them really – I have shopped at Salt Rock which also have amazing quality clothing and stuff that is every day.
Ian, 19, Mainstream

Certain brands are chosen because they enhance the pride Tribes have in their work. Paperchase, for example, is a brand that helps Tribes to excel at their job by giving them the tools to deliver high-quality work.

My favourite brand right now is probably Paperchase because when I’m revising my note book and pens are all pretty and tidy then I strive harder to make my notes tidy and pretty and then they’re easier to revise from. Without Paperchase I would just do my revision on other paper but I think I would take less pride in my notes.



When it comes to naming their favourite celebrities Tribes generally have two types of appreciations; humour and inspiration.

Humour is an attractive trait for some of the Tribes, who name comedic celebrities such as Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Zac Effron and Joey Essex. Tribes fundamentality want to be uplifted; school and work take up a majority of their time so when it comes to entertainment they are often looking for a time to escape through light hearted humour. These celebrities offer this and consequently stand out in the Tribe’s minds.

My favourite celebrity is Joey Essex – because he is so funny and he makes me laugh when I see him on TV. He hasn’t really inspired me he just makes me laugh that’s all.
Megan, 16, Mainstream

My favourite celebrity is Robin Williams because he’s great. He makes me feel great but also sad due to his death. I’m not to sure he’s a great comedian who’s helped a lot of people including myself.
Daniel, 17, Leading Edge

 My favourite celebrity is probably Adam Sandler because I love all of his films although I do like Zac Efron! I like him because without a doubt in every single one of his films he makes me laugh and to me that is what makes a good film. He inspires me because he seems so happy all of the time and does what has made him successful and that if what I want to do.
Jessica, 16

Inspire Me!


For a majority of Tribes, the most important factor that makes them like a celebrity is if he or she is inspirational and fights for something they believe in. Take for example Beyoncé, who is known for her very strong ethics and is a big supporter of feminism. Malala Yousafzai makes Tribes feel like -whatever bad thing you may have experienced- change is always possible while, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey make them laugh a lot while still drawing attention to bigger issues.

I don’t have a fave celeb. Most are idiots. Quite fond of Ricky Gervais tho – anti religion and a great advocate for animals.
Jack, 18, Alternative





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