Body Confidence (One of The Girls)



We asked our online community of 16-24s all about body and boob confidence. Their responses dive deep into parts of an audience that rarely shared with real and honest truths.

Body Confident


There was a mixed response when it comes to Body confidence. The majority of the girls were fairly body confident and take a positive attitude towards their bodies. Many of the girls expressed having up and down days and will feel great one day and less so another, effecting their mood and choice of clothes. However, they see this as fairly normal and don’t think about it too much.

Sport and exercise help some Tribes feel more body confident – they want to feel good for themselves.

I’m pretty body confident when I’m in good training. When general life/travelling/work catches up with me and I don’t have time to gym – I start to dislike my body as I know I can look and feel better – not necessarily for other people but for myself.
-Becky, 22

Flaunt It


Body Confidence has come with age. Tribes claim they were less body confident in early teens, although now in late teens/early 20’s have come to be more accepting of their bodies. They don’t feel that over worrying about their bodies is worth it or a valuable use of their time. Wearing clothes that work for their body shape, flaunting what they have, driving self –confidence and not making comparisons are their top tips.

I think just pick out your best bits and flaunt them – and be fearless because people admire that.
-Lucy, 16

A couple of sporty Tribes are very body confident. They have adopted a different and very positive inner attitude towards their bodies – valuing strength or ability rather than appearance. This was reflected in their top tips – changing the way you view your body and appreciating it for more than a visual aid.

I’d say Im very body confident. I’ve always been fairly confident but recently getting into powerlifting as a sport has been very good in this respect. Like who cares what I look like I can almost squat my own bodyweight.”
-Kathryn, 18

I’m growing my confidence – and my secret for this is my practise of yoga. Not because its toning or turning me into a super model – but because it teaches you to look deeper than your skin – and to look at the beauty of your inner being. Once you have peace inside – it gets easier to be happy with what you have on the outside.
-Bethanie, 20

Muffin Tops


However, a minority of Tribes asked lack body confidence. This tended to be something that has been with them since they were quite young. Either brought on by either striving for self- perfection or always feeling unattractive in comparison to peers.

The areas Tribes girls like the least are their tums ‘muffin tops’, followed by thighs and bums. However, bums and legs were also a favourite for some of the girls.

Boobs did not come up as their biggest insecurity or love.

The Perfect Fit


The majority of Tribes are fairly happy with their boobs and do not worry too much about this.

The biggest complaint is not being in proportion, however, this is not something they are too worried about.

Those with bigger boobs find it difficult to find underwear and bikinis.

Those with smaller boobs were generally satisfied.

I generally like my boobs – sometimes I get annoyed and wish to be flat chested when bra prices/styles aren’t what I want them to be – but mostly I’m not too bothered.
-Feamle, 19

A very small, minority of the girls were unhappy with their boobs – wishing for slightly bigger or fuller boobs.

Only one person mentioned a boob job consideration – and this was not an ideal they were too invested in.

Tribes are happy and open to talk about boobs with their friends (except those few with very low body confidence – this was a no go topic with friends).

My friends chat about boobs sometimes – but I don’t tend to get involved too much as I don’t like opening up about insecurities.
-Female, 17

While the majority of girls asked were happy to talk about boobs this is not something that often comes up in conversation.

The only time they talk about boobs is when getting ready or shopping. Interesting the talk is around – getting round big boobs for bikinis, skimpy clothes rather than wanting their boobs to look bigger.

We do sometimes talk about boobs – but more along the lines of busty girl problems (we recently went bikini shopping for our summer holiday and this was harder than anticipated.
-Female, 17

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