Donald Trump: President of the Free World

Wahid, 19, M, Leading Edge

Wahid, tells us about his thoughts on the election results…

Tuesday 9th of November. It was the day of the US election results. As soon as I woke up that morning, I straight away picked up my phone from the little table on my bedside, turned on my WiFi and typed in “US Election” in my browser.

My jaws dropped. I was shocked. “Donald Trump won the presidency” it said.

Six months ago, I remember reading the comment section on YouTube videos which said if Trump wins people are going to be leaving the country, people wrote him off, they thought it was a joke, a social experiment,

a man not to be taken seriously, they said there was no chance of him winning. Now look.

Hillary Clinton had the support of many celebrities, Beyonce, Jay Z, Pharrell, Lady Gaga and Rihanna among others. Despite that, she still lost. This goes to show that celebrities simply don’t have the influence they once did. In the wake of the results, British Comedian James Corden who hosts The Late Late Show simply tweeted, “Brexit Feelings”.

Which leads me to mention, the same thing that happened with Brexit happened here; the majority of the older generation voted and many of the younger generation didn’t.

Both campaigns have been a roller coaster; Hillary’s with the email scandal (especially the FBI’s reopening of the case) and Trump’s sexual allegations. Despite predictions by the polls, the bookmakers and media backlash against Trump and the fact that Hillary was the favourite to win, she didn’t.

A few reasons why Clinton didn’t win I believe are because:

1) The US has had a Clinton in office before (who didn’t have the best reputation in office).

2) Trump isn’t a politician (less and less people trust politicians).

3) Democrats had their time in the Oval Office the last two terms (8 years).

The American people voted for a Black president, twice, and are now saying; “What has he actually achieved?” So they’ve chosen a man who didn’t like Obama as President from the get go (the birth certificate business is one example). Trump and Obama have roasted each other many times in interviews, at dinners and even just two weeks ago before the elections, when Obama went on American TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for a (second) President Edition of “Mean Tweets” where he read out unpleasant tweets sent to him. Now President Obama has to eat his words.

Watch the video here:

So where are we now?

Well, the Republicans have the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court pick and the Presidency. This hasn’t happened since 1928 which technically makes Trump the most powerful President of the USA since. His foreign policy affects the world.
Who knows what’s to come next. Trump won, Hillary lost. He has at least four years in the White House. There are two things we can now do; wait and see what happens or be the change we want to see.

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