Chloe (20) shares the best bites and sights on her recent trip to Lisbon…


PARK, Calçada do Combro

Hidden atop a 7-storey car park on the Calçada do Combro, PARK bar in Lisbon offers refreshing cocktails surrounded by panoramic views of the city. As you emerge from the bar’s less chic entrance up a grotty stairway, you will discover a quaint garden terrace littered with potted plants and tea lights, with an eclectic mix of music playing softly in the background. And, if you are lucky enough you might catch an outdoor movie or themed party here during the summer!

Quiosque Ribeira das Naus, Av. Ribeira das Naus 5

My personal favourite bar in Lisbon, Quiosque Ribeira das Naus, is so popular due to its relaxed, easy ambiance and stunning coastal setting. This bar is perched right next to the waves and is probably the closest you can sit to the sea in the city, on deckchair seating that scatters its patio. What makes bar even more inviting is that it is quintessentially Lisbonese, standing in a dark green kiosk, of which there are hundreds dotted on every street corner around the city. Pop down for a pitcher of sangria whilst soaking up the sea air and sunshine.

LX Factory, R. Rodrigues de Faria 103

LX Factory is immensely popular with young, trendy locals and tourists in-the-know. Situated in the industrial part of the city, LX Factory’s heart centres around a buzzy, pedestrianised street; look up and you will see pink crafted birds dangling in the air above you. It features a long drag of artisan cafes, quirky boutiques, amidst cool restaurants and bars open late into the night. At any time of day, the atmosphere here is electric, and you’ll never be short of things to do.

Time Out Market Lisbon, Av, 24 de Julho 29

The Cais do Sodré’s Time Out Market can pride itself on having the most diverse range of cuisines in the city, under one roof. From traditional Portuguese sweet treats to dishes curated by Michelin Star chefs, there’s something here for everyone! Established in the old Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon’s main traditional food market, Time Out’s modern and diverse food court now shares the marketplace. The combination of old and new is what makes this spot so unique, and with plenty of seating available you couldn’t find a better place to eat, drink and absorb the bustling atmosphere.

Bairro Alto

A charming, languorous neighbourhood by day, Bairro Alto completely transforms after dark. As the day draws to a close, watch crowds spill out of quirky bars onto the steep cobbled streets, a cacophony of music and voices filling the night. Drinks are cheap and generous, and the locals are welcoming and lively, so if a vibrant night out on the town is what you desire, then there’s no better place for it in the city than here!