BLOG: Messi vs Ronaldo – What’s to debate?

Ahead of Sunday’s World Cup Final between Argentina and France, one of our 4Youth Community members has written a topical piece comparing 2 of the world’s greatest players.


Call me bias or not all you want but there’s only one winner. Messi. The goat, the star man the greatest player to ever grace these beautiful pitches. Ronaldo? Pffftt don’t give me jokes. 7 Ballon d’Ors, 1 Copa America, 4 Champions League, 10 LaLiga titles. What a decorated player, he really is an example to all those young footballers who want to make it to the top. 701 goals with a whopping 332 assists who could really argue with these stats especially when he’s close to Ronaldo record with nearly 100 less games (for club). Also, in my opinion longevity comes into play. For example, look at now Messi is thriving at PSG racking up goals and assists (and don’t even think about farmers league – what a lazy take). As I was saying, at the moment he is playing really well and then we get ‘ Ronaldo’ with 4 goals and stat padding against Sheriff and Omonoia… He could never be my GOAT.

How can your so called ‘GOAT’ talk so much trash about his club, calling club legends out, saying the manager is awful and the dressing atmosphere is bad?! At least have some decorum… See where that’s lead him to now! Contract terminated by Man U, without and club and now left with a bad reputation, his attitude reeks of pride. Is this what we want to be looking up to? A person who doesn’t respect his surroundings and thinks he can say whatever he wants?

That could never be Messi; he’s so humble and meek.

Ronaldo; what a clown!

On the other hand, Mr Tantrum and attention seeker is annoyed because he doesn’t play anymore so he decides to act so immature and childish and act in spite against your own club! I mean fair enough I won’t even lie, Ronaldo’s career has been amazing winning the Euros, 5 Champions Leagues and leading international goal scorer; I mean who can argue he isn’t good? Maybe the 2nd best player ever to grace these green fields, but of course, after Messi. Ronaldo’s aerial ability, athleticism and height makes him a powerful and strong forward but that can’t match Messi’s wonderful and brilliant ability to play all round. Yeah, Ronaldo can score lots of goals but so can Messi and he can do a million times more things than Ronaldo can.

“Ronaldo’s aerial ability, athleticism and height makes him a powerful and strong forward but that can’t match Messi’s wonderful and brilliant ability to play all round.”

The other day I had a heated debate with my friends at school; delusion is real!

To be honest I’m not even surprised they all supported United and the only people dragging this long ended debate are Man Utd and Real Madrid fans. It’s really clear and obvious who’s the better player, they are just reluctant to admit the fact in my opinion. It really isn’t hard to use our eyes and witness the greatest player ever to play the beautiful sport and call him the ‘GOAT’ because it really just has been given to us. However, this long debate should be over some time and at this point as they both age we should appreciate how good these two really were in their prime.

Anyways, onto Mbappe and Haaland!!