Gadgets and Tech

We asked 15 year old Skater, Conor to give us his take on a recent community task exploring gadgets and tech…

Before I talk about the technology which interests those in the community, I think I should give a background on my preferences when it comes to sweet gadgets. To the Nerd in me, gadgets and tech are all about the new games consoles coming out later this year or a super-fast computer to edit my films like nobody’s business. As well as this, I’m enjoying following the new developments in a quest to continue enhancing our TV viewing experience. Looking at responses from the Tribes from other topics, I can see they too are interested in changing television for the better.

According to many members of the various Tribes, their favourite gadgets are Apple products. In my mind, this could be for one of two reasons. The first theory is that iPods, iPhones and iPads and Macs are genuinely great products which people actually benefit from. However, people could also want or have these products because ‘they are the thing to have’. Not many people mentioned this but those who did prove that peer pressure affects what they want to buy. Most say the iPhone and other gadgets have apps which just make life a lot easier, such as maps while commuting or looking for a restaurant. The more creative tribes also like a phone with a good camera, such as the Galaxy S3. It is also apparent that a majority of people have a smart phone, laptop or tablet. In this case it is universal across most of the tribes. Yet there are always the standard anomalies. For example high five to the person who’s favourite gadget is a 3DS, a solid nerd, and the guy with a Microsoft Zune!

Unsurprisingly, the gadgets that would complete most of their lives would be a smartphone, although, tablets and laptops were also a popular choice.  Some Tribes members wanted something a bit different though such as a music mixing pad or a better camera, these were often Aspirant or Leading Edge Tribe members. There were also some answers which said that, right now, they couldn’t afford the gadget that they wanted or that they needed the money for something else.

There are also the gadgets that they lie awake dreaming about, wishing they were a reality. The responses to this led me to one simple conclusion, as a demographic, we are very lazy! I mean really lazy! Not the sort of lazy as in not doing exercise, but the kind where people want a phone to make them a cup of tea! That’s just the start of a multitude of fantastically slothful ideas. Another excellent one is conveyer belts on pavements so that walking up that hill to school isn’t such a backbreaking chore or a teleportation device for 5 extra minutes in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kicking myself for not coming up with these ideas on my own. There were some less lethargic ideas too, yet still slightly odd; for instance, devices to keep food dry while you’re in the shower.

Conor, 15, Skater