Suzuki and All Star Driving School


Season 2 maintains interest amongst Followers of the show

Followers have a positive feelings about Season 2 of All Star Driving School, citing it as funny, entertaining, and interesting. Unfamiliar guests also keep the show exciting.

The Season 2 preview piqued interest amongst half of the Newcomers, who note that the show comes across as funny, light-hearted and relatable.


36% of Tribes have seen at least one episode of All Star Driving School

64% of Tribes have not seen or heard of All Star Driving School

My first impressions of Season 2 is that just like the 1st one it’s got lots of humor and lots of action. It’s an interesting concept to a series and I have enjoyed watching previous episodes. The celebs are not that well know but that helps to make it more exciting” Follower, Male, 21

“Definitely looks good! It interested me enough that I would probably watch it” – Newcomer, Transgender, 18

suzuki is associated with a strong, bold and distinctive personality amongst followers of the show


When asked which celebrity best represents Suzuki, unlike the report in October 2017 where half of the Tribes were unable to characterise the brand, Suzuki has a stronger – although not unified – brand presence this year.

Followers compared the brand to famous athletes – in particular footballers such as Gareth Bale or David Beckham – due to their strong, quick, high-quality, and striking character. They also identified Suzuki as bold, distinctive and innovative, similar to the likes of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, or Katy Perry.

For Newcomers, brand associations were less strong as Suzuki was likened to celebrities who are less well known (although still cool and popular) such as Jamie Laing or Charlotte Crosby.


605 of Tribes agree Suzuki is a distinctive brand

55% of Tribes identified Suzuki as dynamic

45% of Tribes think that Suzuki has advanced technology

…I think it has convinced me that a Suzuki isn’t just for older people” – Newcomer, Male, 17

Those aware of Suzuki’s sponsorship feel the brand is an appropriate match for the show

Although Followers are more likely to pick up on Suzuki’s sponsorship than Newcomers – where only a minority of the latter recognised Suzuki’s presence – those aware of the sponsorship feel that Suzuki is a great fit for All Star Driving School for two key reasons;

1.Suzuki is felt to provide affordable cars for young drivers

2.Suzuki offers cars that are good when learning how to drive


A handful of Newcomers acknowledged that their impressions of Suzuki had changed after seeing the preview of Season 2, as they now associate the brand with a younger audienceA handful of Newcomers acknowledged that their impressions of Suzuki had changed after seeing the preview of Season 2, as they now associate the brand with a younger audience

The majority of Tribes like the Suzuki Swift and would love to experience the brand

53% of Tribes either loved/liked the Suzuki Swift (with 44% stating the car ‘was okay’). Those who like the car commented on the positive attributes of the physical appearance of the car; the small size, eye-catching bright colours and unique shape.

A minority thought that the Suzuki Swift was quite boxy and reminded them of boy racer cars – not a good fit for learners! However, as a sizeable number of Tribes do not know a lot about cars and do not drive themselves, they were unsure as to how Suzuki Swift compared to other car models.

55% of Tribes would love to drive a Suzuki

46% of Tribes think Suzuki is fun to drive

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